Karaoke Nights rarely disappoint!! Any popstar wannabies can show off their vocal talents or make the dogs howl!!

A DJ is provided with the Karaoke equipment to host the evening, and events are combined with Disco sounds of the 60´s to the 90´s, pop, rock, hip-hop, trance and dance to encourage the shy ones amongst you!

Ideal for pubs, clubs, hotels, weddings, office, private and Christmas parties.

Cost : from €150,-


Fun Sumo Wrestling

The object of Fun Sumo Wrestling is to push, pull, trip or force your opponent on to their back, or over the edge of the mats. Ritual and Fun Sumo etiquette allows the winner to “Splat” (bodyslam) the fallen opponent!

By hiring one set of Fun Sumo equipment from PPE, you will receive 2 x Sumo Suits, 2 x Helmets, 2 x Neck Braces and Safety Mats (dohyo). Sumo Suits resemble the body mass of traditional Sumo wrestlers (rikishi)! Even the helmets are similar to traditional Samurai hairstyles (chonmage)!

Sumo Suits are available in adult and child sizes. Adult suits are a one size fits all and child suits suitable for ages 5 – 11 years old.

A suitable area of 36m² is recommended for Fun Sumo Events, preferably with further space around the edges of the mats, and with no obstacles nearby.

Supervisors (gyoji) may also be provided by PPE for your event.

Prices start from €180


For hire events without supervision, clients are required to read and sign the following Disclaimer before the event:

Download:  Hire Agreement/Conditions/Disclaimer/Payment - pdf

For further information, or to receive a quotation for your event, just call or mail Paul`s Party Events! Remember to provide details of where your event is taking place, the date, or dates, of your event, and whether you will be requiring one set of Sumo equipment, or more.


disc golf

Group Events at Frizbee.at - Disc Golf Allgäu are super for the team spirit in your TEAM!

Further Infos under 0049 173 398 4209 or download here (Sorry, no translation!):

Gruppenangebot-Disc-Golf-Allgaeu.pdf (42.8 kB)